Expert Dog Grooming Service in Your Home

Services & Pricing

I charge from $70.00 to perform any of the following services for your dog. Prices are determined by your location and by the size, hair condition and temperament of your dog. Also, I will advise you of any visible health problems with your dog and refer you to your vet. For safety reasons, I will not groom dogs that are prone to aggression or biting.

Trim & Clip

I take great care to ensure that your dog is comfortable with with my care and my equipment.


Keeping your dog’s nail trimmed back not only prevents scratches, but also from breaking or becoming dirty.

Fluff & Dry

I use a silent hairdryer with low heat to keep your dog comfortable through out this process.


Each dog is unique and must be brushed according to its individual comfort and aesthetic requirements.


I am trained and highly experienced in bathing healthy dogs and those requiring special attention for medical issues or flea infestation.


A dog’s anal glands can become impacted leading to infection and irritation. I express your dogs glands to help prevent vet visits.